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The Reach-it! Charged Vibe is a rechargeable, ergonomically curved vibrator that lets you get straight to the point. Along with a powerful Positive motor featuring 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibration the Reach-it! has updated buttons that allow you to move up and down as you please so you can quickly find the perfect setting to keep you coming back again and again. Made from lab tested, body safe True Silicone and powered by a temperature-safe Lithium Polymer battery, the waterproof Reach-it! Charged Vibe gives you instant satisfaction wherever you go. With a 2 year limited warranty and over 60 minutes of vibration on a single charge, the Reach-it! Charged Vibe faithfully demonstrates that dependability does not have to be boring. No more beating around the bush. Get it right the first time with the Reach-it! Charged Vibe the rechargeable, cleverly curved vibrator from Screaming O. Ergonomically designed to reach the sweet spot from any position, the Reach-it! Charged Vibe takes the guesswork out of locating that one special place that makes her melt. Equipped with a temperature safe Lithium Polymer battery and driven by the powerful Positive motor, the 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibration, the updated buttons let you toggle back and forth through varying speeds and intensities for the exact experience you crave. Made from lab tested, body safe True Silicone with vibration that lasts over 60 minutes per charge, the Reach-it! Charged Vibe is comfortable, flexible and has the endurance to last as long as you do. Whether using as a couple or on a solo trip, you will appreciate how effectively the Reach-it! Charged Vibe gets down to the business of your pleasure. Size 10.4 inches by 1.8 inches by 3.5 inches. 6 ounces.

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