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Hydrolyzed Beef Gelatin Collagen Peptides Powder Grass Fed Paleo Non GMO Kosher

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Custom Collagen’s Hydrolyzed Gelatin Collagen Peptides 2lb 32oz Jar – Pasture

Common uses for this collagen peptides: Joint pain, Hair and nail strength, alternative to soy or whey protein, skin tone, surgery recovery, hashimoto, leaky gut syndrome, celiac disease, and paleo applications. This is a premium collagen peptides product that has gone through several in-house testing processes to assure that our quality and purity standards are exceeded. There is absolutely nothing added to our collagen peptides. When you order a jar of our Beef Collagen Peptides, you will receive just that! How do we know? We are a collagen peptides manufacturer! We see the process from start to finish. We source the material for this product from South American cattle farms that pasture raise their livestock. In addition to our extensive laboratory tests, each jar of collagen peptides is weight checked, goes through metal detection and is tamper evident sealed. Our collagen peptides product will easily dissolve in anything with ample liquid. Tea, coffee, yogurt, stew, lemonade, soup, pasta sauce, salsa, you name it! What are your waiting for?! Purchase collagen peptides today and start improving your health! Our collagen peptides can be used as an essential daily dietary supplement to support joint and skin health. Collagen powder as a dietary supplement can support joint function and flexibility, muscles, energy and endurance, recovery time after physical activity, nail and hair strength, and skin tone. Collagen powder is simply hydrolyzed gelatin. There are no MSG or artificial ingredients added. This product is naturally gluten free because it is derived from the skin, connective tissue and bones of animals. The only ingredient in this product is hydrolyzed gelatin. There are absolutely no additives, fillers or preservatives. There is no need to worry about MSG, GMOs, etc. When this product is stored in a cool, dry place, it has an indefinite shelf life. The jar contains 32oz = 2lbs = 907g = 907,000mg. The suggested serving size is 1 scoop = 11g =11,000mg.


  • JOINTS, HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS: This collagen peptides product can improve joint function and flexibility, muscle tone, energy and endurance, nail and hair growth, skin tone, digestion, liver function, wound healing, detoxification, natural sleep and much more!
  • GRASS FED COLLAGEN: Our collagen powder is sourced from the highest quality cattle hides produced in South America from pasture raised, grass fed cattle. Only the best for our customers!
  • 10G COLLAGEN PROTEIN PER SCOOP: Collagen protein powder is a great alternative to whey and/or soy protein. ZERO sugar, ZERO carbs and only 40 calories per serving. There is no toxic level when taking collagen protein powder, so take 2 or 3 scoop a day for a boost in collagen protein intake.
  • COMMONLY USED FOR ILLNESSES: Collagen powder, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, is commonly used for the following illnesses: leaky gut syndrome, celiac disease, and hashimotos. Hydrolyzed collagen works to rebuild the intestinal barrier in the gut to prevent unwelcome compound from entering our bloodstream. The amino acids naturally occurring in hydrolyzed collagen powder help prevent inflammation in the gut for additional healing benefits.
  • THE ORIGINAL COLLAGEN CO.: This is produced by Custom Collagen – a Family owned and operated collagen manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We’ve been offering consumers CLEAN COLLAGEN® since the 2003, so we have a knowledgeable team of experts who know all about collagen sourcing, production, testing, and packaging. We do all of our retail packaging in house! Please note that “collagen powder” and “hydrolyzed collagen” are the same product!

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